About Us

Optego Vision USA, Inc (Optego) is engaged in the design, manufacturing and distribution of products for use in eye care. Optego is based in Tucson, AZ and has been active in the eye care market for many years. We have an in-house engineering and manufacturing team, currently manufacturing more than 200 products.

Our product portfolio includes Optego Stick-on (Fresnel) Prisms as well as other known patented products such as the Phake-i® Surgical Practice Eye and the EpiGlare® tester. Other major product categories are Contact Lens Care Products, Occluders/Maddox Rods, Eye Shields (among them polycarbonate shields), Post-Mydriatics (Dimmerz®, slip-ins and Roller-Shadz®), various Chin Rest Papers, Confirmation Flippers and Prism Blocks. Presently, Optego manufactures more than 200 products.

In addition, Optego is the official distributor of the Ortopad® Occlusion Patches for the North American markets.

Today, Optego has grown into an international company with offices in the USA and Singapore (Optego Vision Asia). The Singapore subsidiary distributes Optego manufactured products into the southeast Asian market and acts as a master distributor for other companies active in the eye care field.

Our management and engineering teams have been expanded and now include the next generation of family members: Lindy and Marsha Van Dalen.

Looking forward to serving you in the future.

Johan T. Van Dalen, M.D., Ph.D.

Optego is an ISO 9001 certified company, ensuring a reliable and consistent manufacturing process and quality.